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Message from the President

The Arthroscopic Society of Nepal has been registered as a non-profit organization geared to uplift and disseminate knowledge of musculoskeletal endoscopy in Nepal. Young and dedicated arthroscopic orthopaedic surgeons have been united together for this endeavor.

Learning arthroscopy needs vigorous training. Developing hands-on skills requires not only hard work but also endless patience, and rigorous education ranging from theoretical learning to dry lab training program. It is very important to learn the essence of arthroscopic surgery before experimenting it on patients. This can be learnt from experts from our own countries, and it can be enhanced by extended fellowship programs provided by our colleagues from other parts of world and international societies. The ample opportunities that are fostered from regional and international cooperation will not only help to increase our dimension of knowledge, but also to bring arthroscopic surgeons of our region together.

We have seen enormous development of arthroscopic technology over the years. It is, however, important to be very selective and economical while selecting these technologies. It is also vital to take great care when we choose patients for arthroscopic procedures. We must follow evidence-based guidelines before subjecting patients to arthroscopy. This science is definitely a blessing, but at times it may cause complications. It is very important that we learn such indications during our regular CMEs and national and international congresses. Our collaboration with the Indian Arthroscopic Society will provide many of our colleagues and members access to fellowship opportunities in India and other countries. We will keep on looking for new areas for our members to benefit from arthroscopic training and fellowships. We will be working with ISAKOS and try to bring opportunities for our members for fellowship programs in different parts of the world. There will be two meeting conducted by our society in 2016. One will be in 18 and 19 March, 2016 and the other will be in 21 and 22 November, 2016. We will be conducting basic and advanced knee cadaveric arthroscopic courses in March, 2016.

We are very thankful to our senior orthopaedic leaders who have worked very hard in laying the foundation of orthopaedics in Nepal, making it easy for us to create subspecialty societies.

Our executive committee has taken huge responsibilities in order to make sure that our society is successful in teaching and organizing hands-on skills workshops. The path to success is not easy—however, together we will strive to achieve meaningful outcome in the field of musculoskeletal endoscopy. I would like to request help from all our members, senior and junior colleagues to contribute in building a solid foundation for the Arthroscopic Society of Nepal.


Dr. Chakra Raj Pandey 
Arthroscopic Society Of Nepal