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Message from the President

Namaste and Greetings from ASON


I welcome you to the webpage of Arthroscopy Society of Nepal (ASON) as the third president in term. I still remember the day nearly 5 yrs. ago when ASON got registered in the Kathmandu Chief District Officer’s (CDO) Office and legally came into existence. We have grown since then and until now have more than 100 members in ASON.


We have conducted international meets, cadaveric courses, and workshop with master classes and the Annual B and B knee course for the 4th year. This has become an integral activity of ASON and very popular in the promising enthusiastic young arthroscopic surgeons of Nepal and we intend to continue these activities very much in the future.


Future holds much for ASON and we have many milestones to cover. One of the immediate most important milestone is conducting fellowship programs for our young upcoming arthroscopic surgeons. Now, as more definite policy and clear-cut guidelines have been laid down by the Nepal Medical Council (NMC) regarding conducting Arthroscopy Fellowship programs in aspiring Institutes, I as the new president of ASON during my two year tenure will work towards making this a reality.


The second challenge I feel for ASON is Financial Stability. Although we are not a profit-making institute, healthy economic environment is conducive for growth of any institute, be it philanthropic or purely commercial. So my second agenda would be to build ASON into a financially strong establishment and stand on firm ground. For this to materialize I humbly request all our members, patrons and ex-officio member to contribute and donate generously for the cause of ASON.   


As I look back to 2015 the year ASON came into existence, I remember there were hardly 3 or 4 centers in Nepal performing Arthroscopy. Now there are many centers within Kathmandu and many others outside of Kathmandu like in Chitwan, Dharan, Biratnagar, Pokhara and many others where Arthroscopy is being routinely done. I sincerely congratulate my colleagues for taking Arthroscopy to every corner of Nepal as at the end it is our solemn duty to serve our fellow citizens, provide them with the best of services as available anywhere in the world. But with one word of caution “As with all great mighty power, comes greater responsibility” - we must be responsible for what we do.


Lastly to forge ahead with the mission of ASON as previously stated by my predecessors I ask all the member of ASON, well wishers and ex-presidents and Patrons to garner all support we can get to achieve it.


With best wishes,


Dr. Ishor Pradhan


Arthroscopy society of Nepal (ASON).